And Gurren Lagann

Dec 6, 201671 minutes

Wow, this may have been one of my favorite episodes yet...of course I'm completely biased, but for real this is a good one. So you should like Subscribe and rate us...please. We really need it! I have starving cats to feed! Well they aren't starving...they're actually very well taken care of...But if the podcast got big and we could get sponsors I could get another cat! Don't you want my wife and I to have another cat!?

We never actually get to it in the episode so I'll put this here. This week I (I being TimeLordBurrito aka Chris) played more Terraria (getting closer and closer to unlocking hardmode) and Skyrim Special Edition...soooo, listen and enjoy!

and please think of the cats...the yet to be adopted but still ever present cats!

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