Pink Diamond Is Trash

Sep 15, 2019132 minutes

Chris and Nate get deep with the Steven Universe Movie, talk about games we don't have any reason to talk about, and definitely don't get anywhere near politics at all...

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Robert Downey DeVito

Sep 2, 2019100 minutes

what Is Even Happening Anymore

Bob Barker Is Still ALive

Aug 18, 201996 minutes

We ALMOST Get Political

The Worst E3 Leak

Aug 7, 201985 minutes

A LOT Of Arguing

Schrodinger's Hopper

Jul 21, 201998 minutes

SOME spoilers for Stranger Things, plus onions?

Spider-Man Vs Secret Mechanics

Jul 11, 2019125 minutes

This is another long one full of SPOILERS

Auto Chess Is The New Fortnite?

Jun 25, 201991 minutes

E3 is over and everyone is ok

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